All-In-One Hiring Solution

Features Include:

Live Video Recording

Interview unlimited candidates. Record, store and view videos anytime.

Video Resume

Candidates express their skillsets and personality to recruiters through video.

5-Panel Video Interview

Have up to 5 participants involved during meetings.

Custom Integration

Integrate with your existing HR programs.


Alert candidates with interview time and agenda.

Pre-Recorded Video

Ask or answer questions using video on your own time.

Candidate Review

Employers can rate and discuss candidates privately.

Screen & File Sharing

Interviews become more interactive and intuitive.

Find the Best Candidates for Your Company

Fast & Unique Video Interview Technology

Commonly Asked Questions on Video Resume

Video resumes allows candidates to communicate their qualifications through video, going beyond traditional methods of applying, such as a resume, cover letter, and work samples. Employers can experience the communication skills, personality and charisma of a candidate before the interview even takes place.
Once you sign up for your free account, and you have detailed your location and credentials within your profile, you’ll be prompted to create your Video Profile. Using your webcam, simply click to start recording. Be sure to practice first and then record your video, save it, and send it to prospective employers.
Video resumes are an enhancement, not a replacement, to the traditional resume. They offer the chance to verbalize the skills you have to offer and demonstrate your personality, not just to recite what’s already on your resume. It gives you a better chance to get noticed by employers compared to traditional resumes.
Aside from finding out what skills and work you’ve accomplished, video resumes also reveal facets of your personality, a paper resume simply can’t communicate. Recruiters often use it as a pre-screening tool to evaluate your “fit” into their company, or if you’re aligned with their attitudes, values, and mission.